The building sector stands for one of the biggest challenges in decades. Our housing market is stretched, whilst new emission rules and regulations prevent building on large scale can't progress with the construction methods as deemed common within our country. We see it as the duty and responsibility of our generation, to find sustainable solutions to service the increasing housing demands. Silvare will focus on shifting the focus to wood constructions, to meet these targets

We have specialised in inner city living, with a wooden construction base and are committed to sustainable densification. Our goal is to create healthy urban environments and buildings for a diversity in generations and background. Silvare develops innovative projects, which are energy neutral, climate adaptive and built in a circular way, because we believe that the future lies within Co2 reduction and storage and circular materials and raw materials.

By in depth research in target residents and a clear choice for special qualities and innovation, we are creating living areas which are geared for future technical and esthetical demands. With this approach we aim to deliver a solid base for the new future building portfolio. Our focus will be on the middle and social segments, both for sale as well as rental markets. 

Silvare Development is realising living environments with beautiful materials and a comfortable living environment with beautiful materials, in which the resident is part of the build environment. An inclusive society in which we, as a developer, take our social responsibility.