In the spring of 2021 the residents of our first project, the building at the Molslaan 139 A t/m M in Delft, moved in. The development of 12 circular apartments. A transformation of an existing school to a 3 story city block, with 4 apartments per floor. The entire load baring structure, including the roof, consist of CLT floor and walls. With the majority of the walls and ceilings, the wooden structure will remain visible during its use. The entire project is 100% circular. 

With the design of the Delft based architectural firm Urban Climate Architect (UCA) we created studios for young professionals. 

The wooden structure has been placed in the autumn of 2020, in about 2,5 weeks. Compared to regular construction, this means a significant reduction in construction time. Especially for construction works in a inner city, with a difficult location in terms of transportation, this is a significant advantage. 

The apartments will be let to young professionals between 18 and 28 years of age, for a maximum of 5 year. 

The apartments are let out to young professionals between the age of 18 and 28, for a maximum of 5 years, in order to stimulate housing careers. If the residents want to continue their stay in regular social housing after this period, their position on the waiting list will be build up during the residency within the Molslaan. This means that their position will not be weakened on the basis of residency within this apartment

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